Since 1993

History Holds the Keys

The wisdom of times past is full of insights and knowledge. Thinkers throughout history have shared their insights with the world around them. Sometimes their message gets lost in translation.

I travel through recorded time looking for the best and brightest "nuggets" of truth. The annals of history are full of precious information to which few of us are exposed.  I modernize these and bring them back for you to apply to your life.

I am the Time Hacker.


Franklin's Way: 13 Virtues For A Better Life

A small book designed to map the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin. Most people don't realize that Ben was on a personal development journey. He credited the 13 virtues, which he conceived, to most of his success and happiness.

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As We All Thinketh

As We All Thinketh is a little volume with a big message. It looks to inform the reader that all people have a creative and controlling power within themselves. And by harnessing the power of thought, one can be the molder and master of their own circumstance.

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